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Scaling Up Retrofit 2050 infographic

IET factfile: Scaling Up Retrofit 2050 infographic

Domestic energy efficiency is one of the most under-appreciated opportunities in the UK’s efforts to tackle climate change. The IEA (International Energy Agency) has said energy efficiency should be recognised as the ‘first fuel’, offering a win-win-win in terms of lower emissions, lower energy bills and improved energy security. Retrofitting homes offers one of the most cost-effective routes to reducing emissions and will be crucial to ensuring an affordable transition to a clean energy system.

At the same time, retrofit offers other wide-ranging benefits for residents and communities. It can offer a lasting solution to tackling fuel poverty and addressing rising energy bills. It can prevent vulnerable households from having to live in dangerously cold homes, reducing pressures on our overstretched health services. It can also create skilled local jobs in construction across the whole of the UK.

This two-page flyer highlights the key messages from the Scaling up Retrofit 2050 main document.

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