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IET calls for engineering community to support the India pandemic crisis

The UK and Indian Governments have requested support from British businesses and engineers to help the country tackle the virus.

The UK India Business Council is working on behalf of the governments to see if there are supplies or support that the business community in the UK can provide to alleviate the situation in India.

There have been a number of specific requests for oxygen equipment and medication, including:

  • Empty, refillable oxygen cylinders with 10 litres and 45 litres LMO (Liquid Medical Oxygen) capacity
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • In situ oxygen manufacturing plants for hospitals
  • The anti-viral medication Remdesivir

We’re asking our members to support the request for equipment, services and support and would urge those who can help to email More information is available on the UK India Business Council’s website.

The British Asian Trust is also running an emergency oxygen appeal, seeking both financial donations and links to businesses that have oxygen supplies in the UK or anywhere in the world. It also helps transport oxygen to India.

You can keep up-to-date on the latest developments and requests for help by following the Indian High Commission in the UK on Twitter @HCI_London.