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How we're supporting our members

IET Academy – IET members get 50% off

To celebrate the relaunch of the IET Academy e-learning platform, we are offering IET members an extra 25% discount over and above your usual member rate, giving you 50% off all IET Academy courses. To ensure you get your discount, use the code Relaunch25.

E-learning has never been more important. Despite the current uncertain climate, keeping your skills up to date is still vital – and is still possible through online training. E-learning can be undertaken anywhere, allowing you to continue your training at home.

All our Academy courses provide valuable CPD hours. Don’t forget to submit your 2019 CPD records via Career Manager, our online skills and development recording tool.

The IET’s benevolent fund

If any members require further support during this time, the IET’s benevolent fund, Foothold is available.

If you have an urgent enquiry, please ring +44 (0)20 7344 5498 or e-mail Contact.Us@MyFoothold.org.

The helpline is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can visit the Foothold website.

COVID-19 related research

Access to research on areas relating to COVID-19, respiratory viruses, ventilators and ventilator components is critical to help overcome the current crisis.

Here, we’ve collated content from our journals collection and Inspec abstracts and index database alongside relevant search terms and classification codes to help guide and support research efforts.

Library and Archives

While our buildings are closed, why not check out our digital resources and blogs?

Supporting you during the most challenging times

Learn how your membership with us can offer you support and services to help see you through periods of unemployment or reduced income.

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