COVID-19 initiatives and opportunities

For engineering and technology professionals

Engineering Designers to help the NHS in COVID-19 outbreak

Published: Wed 1 Apr 2020

The Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) intend to lead a project that brings engineers and designers together to collaborate on problems sent directly from the NHS or other care providers across the globe and other sectors who may need engineering and design solutions as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Offer Coronavirus (COVID-19) support from your business

Published: Wed 1 Apr 2020

Increased demand for medical supplies and equipment provides an opportunity for the engineering profession and manufacturing sector to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

The support needed ranges from medical testing equipment and protective equipment for healthcare workers, such as masks, gowns and sanitiser, to transport and logistics for moving goods or people.

Many companies have already responded to the Prime Minister’s call for 3D-printing capabilities to tackle the shortage of ventilators, but the engineering community is ideally placed to do more.

If your business can divert production and resources to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, please complete the form on the Government's website.

For researchers, funders and academics

Tackle COVID-19 through research collaborations, by donating equipment or funding research

Published: Mon 6 Apr 2020

The University of Cambridge is co-ordinating activities to address COVID-19 - If you would like to partner with them, donate equipment or fund research, please fill in their online form outlining your proposal. 

The information you provide will help to put you in touch with the right people as quickly as possible.

Diamond Light Source: Rapid Access Call for Proposals: SARS-CoV-2

Published: Mon 6 Apr 2020

Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron. It works like a giant microscope, harnessing the power of electrons to produce bright light that scientists can use to study anything from fossils to jet engines to viruses and vaccines.

Diamond would like to ensure that it is doing everything possible to support researchers in their efforts to discover more about the COVID-19 virus and bring us closer to an effective vaccine or treatment.

With this in mind, we are offering priority rapid access for groups who require instrument time for projects directly related to SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins. Based on the number and nature of requests for priority rapid access, Diamond will make every effort to satisfy research priorities. Please visit the website for more details and to submit a proposal.