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Covid LP

Supporting our community during the pandemic

How you can volunteer

If you're an engineer wondering how you can support the fight against COVID-19 on an individual basis - we can help! In this rapidly evolving situation, Parliament needs quick access to researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both Coronavirus and its impacts. To speed up the process of accessing the appropriate expertise, the Government are creating a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.


Our global community are discussing the engineering and technology solutions to COVID-19.  If you wish to contribute to these conversations head over to our community platform.


We are regularly posting the latest updates through our social channels.  Join us there.

How to make a face mask

Published 30th May 2020

Micrashell: The suit designed to satisfy the needs of nightlife and live events

Published 15th May 2020

Webinars On demand

Our past COVID-19 webinars, available on demand.

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