Status of Present Around The World Competition for 2020-21 Season

With the pandemic affecting different countries in different ways, and with new travel restrictions being introduced every week, it feels the best idea is to cancel the competition to ensure consistency and safety for everyone who would have wanted to compete.

To address the growing need for effective communication skills via online platforms like Zoom, the IET Young Professionals Committee (YPC) are developing a brand new competition that will be launching in January 2021 so keep an eye out for updates coming soon.

What if I have already planned a PATW heat in my annual budgeting?

Do not worry, you could still run a heat of the new competition launching in January 2021. More details will be sent in the next few months.

What if I was a heat winner from the 2019-20 season competition?

You have a choice to take your place in the next round in the new competition launching in January 2021.

Or you can decide to defer your place in the next round of the competition to the PATW 2021-22 season. Please let your event organiser know what you would like to do.

Can I still run a physical heat if it is safe to do so in my country?

If you are able to safely run physical events as per your own Government’s guidelines, then you are able to run a presentation skills development event, but it cannot be under the Present Around The World event name.

This is to ensure that competitors are fully aware that their participation is not part of a Global competition but will help to develop their skills in a local event.

What if I go over the age limit when PATW starts up again?

To accommodate those people who would have been able to compete during the 2020-21 season of PATW but will technically be above the age limit the following year, we will be adjusting the age limit to 31 for when the competition returns for the 2021-22 season (COVID dependent).

This means that if you turn 30 during 2021, you will still be able to compete in the competition.

If you have any specific concerns or questions relating to this update, please contact