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IET Present Around the World competition

Present your brilliance to the world

What is it exactly?

A 10-minute presentation which is judged by presentation skills (70 per cent) and its technical content (30 per cent) with five minutes for questions from the judges and audience.

What's involved?

This exciting four-stage process includes:

Stage two

If successful in stage one, you will take part in the national (area) competition.

This stage may not happen in your country.

April to June

Stage three

If successful in stage two, you will compete in your regional finals (Americas, Asia Pacific, EMEA, South Asia or UK).


July to August

Stage four

Win the regional final and you'll be whisked off to London to compete for the ultimate title at the global final.



There is no prize money for optional university level stages organised alongside or before stage one, winners of university-level stages will receive an automatic place into stage one of the competition.

Are there prizes involved?

Yes, there are varying prizes at each stage:

Stage one

£150 for the winner
£100 for the runner up

Stage two

£300 for the winner
£200 for the runner up

Stage three

£400 for the winner
£300 for the runner up

Stage four

£1,000 for the winner
£500 for the runner up

All winners and runners up will receive a certificate.

Entering the online heat

Once you've registered your interest in competing, you'll be asked to complete an application form explaining why you're unable to attend a physical heat. We'll check your eligibility and let you know whether you can compete in the online heat.

If successful you'll need to create your video.

Video creation

The format of your video entry is up to you. You might want to get someone to film you presenting your presentation or you might use a screen capture tool to capture your slides, voiceover and webcam on a computer.

Please don't edit your video (e.g. add music soundtracks or animation effects, etc.). The videos should reflect the participant's presentation style and any evidence of editing will result in disqualification.

Videos will not be judged on the quality of the video (resolution, editing, etc.) but on the presentation skills of the presenter and the technical content of the presentation only.

Prizes for online heat

£150 for the winner
£100 for the runner up

Am I eligible?

  • You must be 18-30 years of age to enter.
  • The competition is open to IET members and non-members.