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Future Talent Forum Roles

We hope to give you the chance to build on your existing skills and experience, as well as the opportunity to develop competencies in new areas, ready to boost your career in the professional world.

We understand that everyone is unique, and everyone will bring something special to the table. Please consider these responsibilities and skills as a guide; we encourage our members to bring their full and genuine selves to the council.

Chairperson (Executive Team)

Leads council, member of YPC, liaises with staff, leads/supports projects, has preferably previously held Vice-Chairperson role.

Desirable skills:

Leadership, Strategy/Planning, Teamwork

Vice Chairperson (Executive Team)

Supports Chairperson, leads/supports projects, has preferably previously held project/cohort lead role.

Desirable skills:

Communication, Organisation, Teamwork

Developing skills:

Leadership, Strategy/Planning, Project Management

Ordinary member

Work with all members on the implementation and running of a communication strategy for all cohorts to deliver appropriate opportunities and messaging. Aid in the planning of presentations, workshops, and drop-ins for the annual celebration ceremony.

Desirable skills across the forum:

Communication, Social Media/Marketing, Teamwork, Creativity, Organisation, Public Speaking, Strategy/Planning

Developing skills to gain from the forum:

Communication, Organisation, Planning/Strategy, Leadership, Teamwork