Social Networking widgets

All our magazine and news content on the IET site now has a range of links to social bookmaking / link sharing sites, at the bottom of each page.

These sites allow you to store, tag and share links you find on the internet. You can share these links with your peers, friends and the wider IET community. They also allow you to access your favourite links from any computer, anywhere.

So, if you come across a magazine article or news story that you find interesting, or useful, that you wish to share with others or save for your own future reference you can add it to any of the selected services by clicking on the relevant logo.

All of the services we have chosen are free to use but you will have to register with them to begin using them. All of the sites have a slightly different focus so please take a moment to look at each to see which is most appropriate for your needs.


To register, go to:


To register, go to:


To register, go to: