Adding and amending addresses

Institution members who have registered membership accounts can use the IET website to update their contact information. Users with non-member accounts are also able to add contact information; doing so is helpful for site functions such as the online shop and feedback or survey forms.

Adding or editing an address:

Please use the personal details page of the Account tab in MyIET.

For certain countries (e.g. UK), a post code/zip code lookup function is available. Please enter your post code and press the Get Address button. Make any necessary selection (e.g. of your house number). You can then make any corrections to the address before pressing the Update button to save it.

For other countries, please enter your address directly.

Use this process either when adding an address for the first time, or when replacing it with a new one.

Changing an email address:

You can update your email address on the same page as above. Please press the Update button to save the new address. This address will be used for system notifications, including for example purchases in the Web shop and updates to any discussion threads in which you are participating, as well as by the IET to contact you, subject to any communication preferences that you have set in MyIET.