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If you wish to participate please first log in and introduce yourself. This is so that we can acknowledge your interest in the discussions and provide you with access to create posts, or add comments or replies in existing discussions.
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Technical discussion forums
To take part please first register, log in and introduce yourself in the Newcomers area.

Please also view IET Engineering Communities for professional development/career discussions.
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Wiring and the regulations
Our electricians' forum and discussions relating to electrical installation, electrical systems design, and related engineering topics, including BS 7671 wiring regulations - see also the Built Environment Sector
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by Zoomup
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Other and general engineering discussions
This section of the forum is no longer accepting new posts and replies. If you wish to discuss topics relating to engineering and technology (other than wiring and the regulations), please have a look at Engineering Communities. There you can find a wide range of communities where you can share knowledge, join debates or collaborate to develop ideas.
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by npetrovic
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