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August 31, 2017
My visit to IET

From doing work experience here for three days, I can tell how prestigious the IET is. The library is extensive, being stored in nine different places across the site, and is available to all members. Books range from wiring for dummies, to 14th century navigational equipment manuscripts, all of which can be viewed with the help of the tireless library staff. Also available is the vast range of eBooks, downloadable from across the world. On top of this, the stunning location made it a tremendously enjoyable experience, with views of the Maxwell library (as seen below) and the Thames from the roof terrace being available to all.

When visiting the archives, I got to gaze at books up to 600 years old, and marvel at the calligraphy, and pictures that have retained their colour through the centuries. Letters from Charles Dickens to Michael Faraday, controversial manuscripts written in English by Chaucer, mammoth books by Galileo, the archives contain one of a kind volumes in beautiful print with artfully structured bindings.

I would recommend becoming a member of IET to all people who work in engineering or technology, if just to stroll through the Maxwell library, relax in the Faraday Centre or view the interesting exhibitions about engineering and technology throughout history.


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October 28, 2016
Recents additions to the library: A new biography of Sir Francis Ronalds and a history of the Cavendish Laboratory


Book cover: Francis Ronalds

Sir Francis Ronalds

Father of the Electric Telegraph

By Beverley F Ronalds

 Knowledge Centre classmark: 92(RONALDS) RON


‘In this book, details of Sir Francis's inventions — covering areas as diverse as electrical devices, weather forecasting, photography, art, mass production, and even fishing — are interwoven with personal and professional tales of achievement. Fresh light is shone on controversies and precedence in several important discoveries. Using both anecdotal and scientific evidence, it is written for those interested in the pursuit of science in the 19th century and the fascinating developments which have proved essential to the technological revolution of the 21st century.’


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Founded on Cheese
  • Scenes in the Story
  • Frank and his Family
  • A Life of Science
  • Electrical Science and Engineering 1810–19
  • Who Invented the Electric Telegraph?
  • The Grand Tour
  • A Sulphur Business Opportunity?
  • Perspective Tracing Instruments
  • Dr Alexander Blair and the Carnac Megaliths
  • Science Exhibitions: A Glimpse into Ronalds' Mechanical Inventions 1824–41
  • Kew Observatory 1842–55 and Beyond
  • Atmospheric Electricity and Meteorology: Instruments and Observations
  • Photographic Recording Instruments for Meteorology and Geomagnetism
  • Last Years and Legacy


Maxwell's Enduring Legacy: A Scientific History of the Cavendish Laboratory

By Malcolm Longair

Knowledge Centre classmark: 92(MAXWELL) LON


Book cover: Maxwell enduring legacy

This book is a history of the scientific achievements of the Cavendish Laboratory from its origins in the late-nineteenth century to the present day. It includes detailed discussions of the broad range of physics studied and the discoveries of the 29 Nobel Prize winners that worked there.

‘The Cavendish Laboratory is arguably the most famous physics laboratory in the world. Founded in 1874, it rapidly gained a leading international reputation through the researches of the Cavendish professors beginning with Maxwell, Rayleigh, J. J. Thomson, Rutherford and Bragg. Its name will always be associated with the discoveries of the electron, the neutron, the structure of the DNA molecule and pulsars’

Table of contents

Part I. To 1874: 1. Physics in the nineteenth century; 2. Mathematics and physics in Cambridge in the nineteenth century;

Part II. 1874 to 1879: 3. The Maxwell era;

Part III. 1879 to 1884: 4. Rayleigh's Quinquennium;

Part IV. 1884 to 1919: 5. The challenges facing J. J. Thomson; 6. The J. J. Thomson era, 1884-1900 - the electron; 7. The Thomson era, 1900-19 - atomic structure;

Part V. 1919 to 1937: 8. Rutherford at McGill and Manchester Universities - new challenges in Cambridge; 9. The Rutherford era - the radioactivists; 10. Rutherford era - the seeds of the new physics;

Part VI. 1938 to 1953: 11. Bragg and the war years; 12. Bragg and the post-war years;

 Part VII. 1953 to 1971: 13. The Mott era - an epoch of expansion; 14. The Mott era - radio astronomy and high energy physics; 15. The Mott era - the growth of condensed matter physics;

Part VIII. 1971 to 1982: 16. The Pippard era - a new laboratory and a new vision; 17. The Pippard era - radio astronomy, high energy physics and laboratory astrophysics; 18. The Pippard era - condensed matter physics;

Part IX. 1984 to 1995: 19. The Edwards era - a new epoch of expansion; 20. The Edwards era - new directions in condensed matter physics; 21. The Edwards era - high energy physics and radio astronomy;

Part X. 1995 to present: 22. Towards the new millennium and beyond; 23. The evolution of the New Museums site; 

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September 2, 2016
Knowledge Centre closed: 6th October 2016

The Library service in the Knowledge Centre at Savoy Place will be closed to visitors all day on 6 October 2016 for an event.

Members can request and renew books online as usual via the Library catalogue

Library staff will also be available by phone and email:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7344 5461

Email: for enquiries.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


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August 10, 2016
New electrical ebooks in IET library

The library service has recently added a number of new electrical titles to its ebook service.

These are available through the Dawsonera service.

Cover of Scaddan book

17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations: wiring systems and fault finding for installation electricians [electronic resource]
Brian Scaddan
6th revised edition

•Fully up-to-date with the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations: Amendment 3
•Covers all the principles and practice of testing and fault diagnosis for students and non-electricians
•This book deals with an area of practice that many students and non-electricians find particularly challenging. It explains how to interpret circuit diagrams and wiring systems, and outlines the principles of testing before explaining how to apply this knowledge to fault finding in electrical circuits.

Cover of book

Brian Scaddan
8th edition
•Mapped closely to the learning outcomes of City & Guilds and EAL exams
•Coverage of Level 2 and Level 3 units in one volume
•Fully aligned to the 3rd Amendment of the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations
Brian Scaddan's Electrical Installation Work explains in detail how and why electrical installations are designed, installed and tested.
You will be guided in a logical, topic by topic progression through all the areas required to complete City & Guilds and EAL courses.

Cover of book


PAT: portable appliance testing
Brian Scaddan
4th edition
•Fully up-to-date with the relevant parts of the 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations: Amendment 3 and the 2012 Code of Practice
•Provides all the required information on portable appliance testing
The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires any electrical system to be constructed, maintained and used in such a manner as to prevent danger. This means that inspection and testing of systems, including portable appliances, is needed in order to determine if maintenance is required.
This book explains in clear language what needs to be done and includes expert advice on legislation as well as actual testing. The book contains an appendix providing the electrical fundamentals needed by non-specialists and also has sample questions (with answers) for the C&G 2377 exam.

To access Dawsonera:

Go to:

Log into your IET account- top right

Under electronic books click onto Dawsonera

On the next page- click onto ‘Access Dawsonera’

 This will take you into the service- either search for the book you are looking for or click onto 'ebook catalogue' to see the collection of ebooks the IET library takes.

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June 30, 2016
New ebooks added to the library colllection

The library service has recently added a number of new titles to its ebook service.

These are available through the Dawsonera service.

Broadband Matching: Theory And Implementations (3rd Edition)

Front cover of book




Author: By Wai-Kai Chen

Pages: 879

Publisher: World Scientific Pub Co

Published: Oct 13, 2015

eISBN-13: 978981461907


The third edition presents a detailed account of broadband matching theory and its applications to the design of broadband matching networks and amplifiers. A special feature is the addition of results that are of direct practical value. They are design curves, tables and explicit formulas for designing networks having Butterworth, Chebyshev or elliptic, Bessel or maximally flat group-delay response.


Integration of Distributed Generation in the Power System

Front cover of book

Author: Math Bollen And Fainan Hassan.

Pages: 526

Publisher: IEEE Press

Published: Aug 4, 2011

eISBN-13: 9781118029015




The integration of new sources of energy like wind power, solar-power, small-scale generation, or combined heat and power in the power grid is something that impacts a lot of stakeholders: network companies (both distribution and transmission), the owners and operators of the DG units, other end-users of the power grid (including normal consumers like you and me) and not in the least policy makers and regulators.


Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook

Front cover of book

Author: Roger Cochetti

Pages: 267

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Published: Sep 16, 2014

eISBN-13: 9781118908419 






This comprehensive reference book explains the historic, available, and planned technological systems of mobile satellite communications, and addresses both the technical and non-technical professionals who work with and help develop this technology everyday. 

To access Dawsonera:

Go to:

Log into youe IET account- top right

Under electronic books click onto Dawsonera

On the next page- click onto ‘Access Dawsonera’


This will take you into the service- either search for the book you are looking for or click onto 'ebook catalogue' to see the collection of ebooks we take.

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April 8, 2015
New content from Knovel

The IET library subscribes to nearly 300 full text book titles from Knovel. This content is updated yearly to refresh the selection and add new content into the subscription.


Here, I will give a brief outline of four titles:

The most used resource last year was:
Electrical Engineer's Reference Book (16th Edition)
Laughton, M.A.; Warne, D.F.

Electrical Engineer's Reference Book (16th Edition)













This text covers the following subject sections: General principles; materials and processes; control, power electronics and drives; environment; power generation; transmission and distribution; power systems; sectors of electricity use.

We also have a new edition of the popular:
Machinery's Handbook (29th Edition)
Oberg, Erik; Jones, Franklin D.; Horton, Holbrook L.; Ryffel, Henry H
Machinery's Handbook (29th Edit







Our new additions include:
Wind Power - The Industry Grows Up
Busby, Rebecca L.

Wind Power - The Industry Grows Up







A balanced and comprehensive view of the wind power industry

Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations (5th Edition)
Vaillencourt, Richard
Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations (5th Edition)

Building managers identify what to look for and how to evaluate before making a decision about which guarantee is better for their building and which ESCO can best deliver energy savings.

To see a video of a Basic search tutorial

To access the service:

Sign into the IET website and go to:


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October 17, 2014
50 new electronic books added to library service

The library service has recently added 50 new titles to its ebook service.
These are available through the Engineering and IT Reference collection (Books 24x7) and can be accessed by:
Logging  onto the IET website
Navigating to:
Select title

 Many of these titles are 2014 imprints here I will highlight just two:

Cover of Electric and hybrid vehiclesElectric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling and Control: A Mechatronic Approach
by Amir Khajepour, Saber Fallah and Avesta Goodarzi

John Wiley & Sons © 2014 (432 pages)


Highly illustrated, with examples of real applications throughout, this introductory book is designed to help a new generation of engineers needing to master the principles of and further advances in hybrid vehicle technology.


Cover of LTE/LTE- advanced4G: LTE/LTE-Advanced for Mobile Broadband, Second Edition
by Erik Dahlman, Stefan Parkvall and Johan Sköld

Academic Press © 2014 (537 pages)


Providing a complete picture of the LTE system, this must-read book offers detailed explanations for the latest LTE standards for radio interface architecture, the physical layer, access procedures, broadcast, relaying, spectrum and RF characteristics, and system performance.

Take the virtual tour at

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July 2, 2014
Key Note market reports

The IET Library is now able to offer all members and staff full access to ALL Key Note reports until March 2015 these range from the Aerospace Industry to the Water Industry. See a full list of reports at:

Key Note is one of the leading providers of market intelligence in the UK, on the UK, to the UK, and provides commercially relevant market insight and analysis to the business and academic world to enable them to make strategic business decisions.

Each Key Note Market Research report is made up of:

Executive Summary: A one/two page distillation of the report's main points
Market Definition: A description of the market as a whole, the specific market sectors, general trends, and factors
Market Size: The total market size by sector
Industry Background: Recent history, industry concentration, distribution channels, employment, trade associations
Competitor Analysis: The major players and their brands, advertising and promotion spend where appropriate
SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Buying Behaviour: Trends, survey results, purchasing patterns, expenditure
Current Issues: Brand/product development, mergers and acquisitions, recent/impending legislation
Market Forecasts: 5-year forecasts and prospects
Company Profiles: Structure and financial accounts of some of the leading players in the sector
Further Sources: A directory of sources which can supply further information if required
Company Financials: Market leaders with financial results


For logon details go to:

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May 9, 2014
Donation: Modern Railways


The library has one new addition to its printed serial collection. The title of the journal is Modern Railways, donated by the IET Member Mr Clive Price from his many years of assemblage mainly from 1993 through to January 2014. This journal series has been found to be one of our most popular subject titles and has been reviewed for a continuous subscription by the library.

This journal is aimed at professionals in the railway industry as well as individuals with a general interest in the state and developments of the British railway network.

 The Modern Railway website defines it as: ‘providing in depth coverage for all aspects of the industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries not only the latest news but also analysis of why those events are happening’.


It is a privilege to bring to your notice that Modern Railways Journal from 1993 to the latest publications is available in the library collection for all your research and reference needs.


Written by Ezekiel Peters-Ugowe


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April 23, 2014
Library link

Download the Library Link app for Apple or Android devices. Open Library Link on your mobile device. Select setup, press the 'Scan setup image' button, then scan the above image.


One of the new features we have is the Library Link setup APP. You can download this to your Apple or Android device. From here you can search the Library catalogue, check what you have on loan and renew items if overdue, view the front portal and new items of stock. To access you will need a password, which is PASSWORD.

If you would like more information on these or any other library related item please contact.


Written by Dawn White

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April 15, 2014
Updating your library details

From the new online catalogue members can maintain their own Library details. If your details are incorrect or you have changed address please let us know by following these simple instructions:

Log onto the IET homepage using your username and password

On the left hand side you will see MY PORTAL, click on this, then click details.Check the details we have for you are correct, if not click on EDIT and send us an email with the corrections. Once we have amended your Library details we will then reply and let you know this has been completed.



 Written by Dawn White



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March 28, 2014
Engineering Source

We now have available for members to search the database package Engineering Source  from Ebsco.

 Engineering Source

Engineering Source offers a broad range of engineering-related content. The comprehensive full-text database is designed to support the information needs of engineers at all levels, including research, planning, product development, management and the supply chain.

The collection provides full-text coverage of information relevant to many engineering disciplines, including:  Aerospace, Biomedical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Software and  Structural engineering.

Engineering Source indexes over 3,000 publications, including journals, monographs, magazines and trade publications, all directly dealing with engineering-related issues.  Energy-focused monographs, books, conference papers and proceedings are also included

This database offers 1850 full text titles, including such well known journals as:

Electronics Weekly
Environmental Engineering
IEEE Internet computing 
IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation

For a full list of journal coverage- go to EbscoHost-Publications- Engineering Source publications.

Engineering Source


Engineering Source can be search alongside our other Ebsco based resources- Business Source Corporate, Sustainability, Greenfile and General Science- using the general search screen.

To access EbscoHost- log on to the IET website- Resources- Virtual Library-EbscoHost.

Engineering Source is also available on the Ebsco Discovery Service

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February 12, 2014
A new platform for Knovel

Knovel is specifically focused on the engineering community. It is an interactive full-text database of scientific and engineering handbooks and references. It aggregates content from a variety of sources including well known publishers such as Elsevier, PennWell, Oxford University Press, Fairmont Press and Taylor & Francis.

 Knovel search screen

The IET subscribes to 458 electronic full text books from Knovel.

To access the service:

Sign into the IET website and go to:

For further help:

See the attached Hints and tips for using Knovel

Go to Knovel's Support Centre

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February 5, 2014
One-to-one sessions now available to help you make the most of the IET Library resources

Need some help getting started with your research?

The IET library carries an impressive array of material from historic journals through to up-to-date articles, books and business reports on our Virtual Library. Having settled down in our new home-from-home at 1 Birdcage walk, we are now pleased to be able to offer one-to-one research sessions to our members of up to an hour in length.

During the session one of our librarians will provide you with a general overview of our digital and print resources, provide tips on search techniques and assist you in locating and accessing relevant material.


Whether you are conducting research for business, academia or personal interest we will be happy to help.


For further information, or to book a session please contact or 020 7344 5461



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January 14, 2014
New reference books available in the library

The library at One Birdcage Walk has recently acquired the following reference books:

Spon's mechaSpons 2014nical and electrical services price book 2014.

45th edition

Library location: One Birdcage Walk

Providing detailed pricing information across the full range of mechanical and electrical services, together with higher-level costs for a diverse range of systems and different building applications.

To view some sample pages 




Who's who 2014: an annual biographical dictionary.

Who's Who 2014


166th edition

Library location: One Birdcage Walk


"Who's Who 2014 is the 166th edition of the world's longest established and most comprehensive general reference book, brought right up to date for the year ahead. The first autobiographical reference book in the world and, after 166 years, still the most accurate and reliable resource for information supplied and checked by the entrants themselves".



Written by Alison Freeman

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October 31, 2013
Book donations at the IET
The IET library receives book donations on a regular basis. These come from various sources; from the author of a newly published book, from members of staff wanting to make space in their office/home; or from a relative/colleague/solicitor when a member has passed away and they are left with the unhappy task of sorting through their belongings.

One of the more recent donations we received was from an author based in America:
Title: Extraordinary Women in Science and Medicine: four centuries of achievement
Authors: R K Smeltzer, R J Ruben, P Rose

This is a collection of papers on various women in the fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, computer and medical sciences. Some of the women covered include:
Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace 1815-1852
Hertha Ayrton 1854-1923
Elizabeth Fulhame fl. 1780-1794
Grace Murray Hopper 1906-1992
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910

Library shelf mark: 92:621.3 SME

The IET archives also has a useful research guide on Women in Engineering

If you have items you wish to donate to the Library please compose a list, with as much information as possible: title, author, edition, year of publication and ISBN if there is one and send it to
We may already have the items in stock that you wish to donate, if that is the case we will send you a listing of other organisations and second-hand bookshops who may be interested in your books.

If you wish to donate books to the Library and would like to see if we already have any of them within our stock or if you are a member and would like to borrow any of these books or browse the Library catalogue go to

IET Library and Archives
Tel: 02073445461

Written by Dawn White.

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March 8, 2013
40 e-books on Measurement


IET members may access online at any time the full texts of some 40 books on measurement, instrumentation and sensors.  This is a free service to members available through the IET Virtual Library.

This specialist technical information resource is useful for study and work.  In particular there are a number of handbooks which give an overview of subject basics, design guides, construction and application details.

One example of such a handbook is that by Jacob Fraden’s “Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications”  .The third edition published in 2004 is available in the IET Virtual Library’s Knovel e-books collection  There are 600 pages of material in total.  Chapters on sensor characteristics, physical principles of sensing, optical components of sensors and interface electronic circuits, are followed by twelve chapters on sensors for specific measurement quantities.  A final chapter on sensor materials and technologies covers surface processing and nanotechnology.  The 25 appendices provide lots of data on materials and devices.  Each chapter has a list of references.

A full up-to-date overview of measurement science and technology has recently been written by IET Vice President and Trustee Barry Jones, Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Metrology, Brunel University, The three articles appear in the May 2013 issue of the journal Measurement and Control available in the IET Library.

Members and non-members can now join the new IET International Measurement Community on the MyCommunity platform.  This contains a list of the 40 e-books on Measurement.


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February 18, 2013
Calling all student members......

With the pressure on to write effective projects and prepare for dissertations, where do you go for help? ……


The IET library of course!  Here are some examples of the resources open to you:


The IET virtual library – is just a click away.  Log on to the IET website and you gain immediate access to a host of electronic resources.  There are full text electronic books through Knovel, Wiley and the Engineering and IT Reference Library (hosted by books 24x7) which include handbooks and very up to date publications which are useful for your studies.  For articles, reports and company data look at the seven EbscoHost databases which have each been selected for their suitability to electrical and electronic topics as well as a huge business database. Much  of what is available is full text.  You can do all sorts of in-depth searches and you can even adjust the interface to suit you. If you are exploring the employment field you might want to try checking out the datamonitor company  profiles on EbscoHost – just click on “more” in the blue bar at the top.  Another virtual library resources is Faulkner databases  which provides expert reports and tutuorials on industry developments and technologies.


The IET library has literally thousands of books to borrow.  Search the library catalogue  to find out what’s available on your topic and then make use of the free postage to have the books sent to you by courier. 


The Library reading room is at the IET in London so if this is convenient , you can have a browse on the shelves for books as well as accessing thousands of print journals.  We also have the IEEE Xplore database and  some British Standards online in the reading room – with these you can search full text IEEE and IET articles and standards.  If you like we can also give you a demonstration of the Virtual Library (by appointment).


If you would also like to make use of the Library’s research service please email .  We can often point you in the right direction for your studies but please no essay titles – be specific!  The service is often free for small pieces of information but charges may apply depending on what we can offer. 

For further details please contact the IET Library on T:  +44 (0)20 7344 5461

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February 1, 2013

Graphene is supposedly the world’s thinnest, strongest (stronger than diamonds) and most conductive material (even more so than copper).  It could herald exciting new developments for numerous technologies for example smart phones.  Its potential seems to have no bounds – so much so that the Chancellor, George Osborne, has just allocated £50m to graphene research.


To find out more about graphene take a look at some of the e-books on Knovel brought to you from the IET library’s virtual library:  Properties of Amorphous Carbon edited by S. Silva and P. Ravi © 2003; Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology by Bharat Bhushan © 2004; Coaxial Electrical Circuits for Interference-Free Measurements by Awan Shakil, Bryan Kibble and Jürgen Schurr © 2011.


Also see articles from EbscoHost databases – also from the virtual library:

A graphene-based broadband optical modulator by: Ming Liu; Xiaobo

Yin; Ulin-Avila, Erick; Baisong Geng; Zentgraf, Thomas; Long Ju;

Applications of nanotechnologies in communications by: Krishnaswamy, Dilip; Helmy, Amr and Wentzloff, David;

Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Applications in Mobile Devices by

Voutilainen, Martti; Seppala, Eira T.; Pasanen, Pirjo; Oksanen,


Mobile Computing A New Turn-on for VC Eyes by Amit Sudarshan; and

New flat lighting panels fabricated from graphene by Andrew Turley.


For a more ‘newsy’ take find out what the media is saying about this most astonishing material by reading these recent articles:

From Electronics weekly

From E & T magazine




And a different take from the BBC


Graphene is a “watch this space” item – if you are doing research on this topic or any other in our field please contact the IET library


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January 18, 2013
Happy birthday to the tube!

The London underground has turned 150 years old and there is no end to fascinating facts relating to its current state and history. Did you know that over two miles of the Central Line was converted into a fighter aircraft factory in WW2 and had its own railway system?  This was an official secret until the 1980s?  After reading these snippets, you will probably look upon your tube journey with renewed interest.


What have the engineers got to say about our current tube?  See articles from the E & T magazine:  Wifi on the tube and another air conditioning on the tube.


And what has the IET library got for you to borrow on this topic? Take a look at

Making headway on the underground, 2007 IRSE seminar and The subterranean railway: how the London Underground was built and how it changed the city forever by C Wolmar


From the IET Library’s online resource EbscoHost read these full text articles:


Geology and the London Underground  by Paul, Jonathan D. Geology


Hazmat/CBRN Incident: London's King's Cross Underground Station  by Scott Ritter


A quiet success published in the Pandrol supplement of the Railway Gazette


Remaking the roundel by: Angus Montgomery


Steam trains on the Underground in Logistics & Transport Focus


Watch this space for a future blog on what the IET Archives have in their collection on the history of the London Underground. Here is a picture from the archives to wet your appetite.  There is currently an archive display on this topic next to the lecture theatre at the IET’s Savoy Place HQ.  It is an uncanny coincidence that the architect (Charles Holden) who was a partner in the firm who re-designed the interior of Savoy Place when the IEE moved in in 1909, also became one of the major architects used by London Underground and designed many of its tube stations in the 1920s and 30s. Take a look at the display next time you are passing Savoy Place.


If you would like the library’s information staff to carry out small pieces of research on IET related topics please get in touch:

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