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October 28, 2016
Recents additions to the library: A new biography of Sir Francis Ronalds and a history of the Cavendish Laboratory


Book cover: Francis Ronalds

Sir Francis Ronalds

Father of the Electric Telegraph

By Beverley F Ronalds

 Knowledge Centre classmark: 92(RONALDS) RON


‘In this book, details of Sir Francis's inventions — covering areas as diverse as electrical devices, weather forecasting, photography, art, mass production, and even fishing — are interwoven with personal and professional tales of achievement. Fresh light is shone on controversies and precedence in several important discoveries. Using both anecdotal and scientific evidence, it is written for those interested in the pursuit of science in the 19th century and the fascinating developments which have proved essential to the technological revolution of the 21st century.’


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Founded on Cheese
  • Scenes in the Story
  • Frank and his Family
  • A Life of Science
  • Electrical Science and Engineering 1810–19
  • Who Invented the Electric Telegraph?
  • The Grand Tour
  • A Sulphur Business Opportunity?
  • Perspective Tracing Instruments
  • Dr Alexander Blair and the Carnac Megaliths
  • Science Exhibitions: A Glimpse into Ronalds' Mechanical Inventions 1824–41
  • Kew Observatory 1842–55 and Beyond
  • Atmospheric Electricity and Meteorology: Instruments and Observations
  • Photographic Recording Instruments for Meteorology and Geomagnetism
  • Last Years and Legacy


Maxwell's Enduring Legacy: A Scientific History of the Cavendish Laboratory

By Malcolm Longair

Knowledge Centre classmark: 92(MAXWELL) LON


Book cover: Maxwell enduring legacy

This book is a history of the scientific achievements of the Cavendish Laboratory from its origins in the late-nineteenth century to the present day. It includes detailed discussions of the broad range of physics studied and the discoveries of the 29 Nobel Prize winners that worked there.

‘The Cavendish Laboratory is arguably the most famous physics laboratory in the world. Founded in 1874, it rapidly gained a leading international reputation through the researches of the Cavendish professors beginning with Maxwell, Rayleigh, J. J. Thomson, Rutherford and Bragg. Its name will always be associated with the discoveries of the electron, the neutron, the structure of the DNA molecule and pulsars’

Table of contents

Part I. To 1874: 1. Physics in the nineteenth century; 2. Mathematics and physics in Cambridge in the nineteenth century;

Part II. 1874 to 1879: 3. The Maxwell era;

Part III. 1879 to 1884: 4. Rayleigh's Quinquennium;

Part IV. 1884 to 1919: 5. The challenges facing J. J. Thomson; 6. The J. J. Thomson era, 1884-1900 - the electron; 7. The Thomson era, 1900-19 - atomic structure;

Part V. 1919 to 1937: 8. Rutherford at McGill and Manchester Universities - new challenges in Cambridge; 9. The Rutherford era - the radioactivists; 10. Rutherford era - the seeds of the new physics;

Part VI. 1938 to 1953: 11. Bragg and the war years; 12. Bragg and the post-war years;

 Part VII. 1953 to 1971: 13. The Mott era - an epoch of expansion; 14. The Mott era - radio astronomy and high energy physics; 15. The Mott era - the growth of condensed matter physics;

Part VIII. 1971 to 1982: 16. The Pippard era - a new laboratory and a new vision; 17. The Pippard era - radio astronomy, high energy physics and laboratory astrophysics; 18. The Pippard era - condensed matter physics;

Part IX. 1984 to 1995: 19. The Edwards era - a new epoch of expansion; 20. The Edwards era - new directions in condensed matter physics; 21. The Edwards era - high energy physics and radio astronomy;

Part X. 1995 to present: 22. Towards the new millennium and beyond; 23. The evolution of the New Museums site; 

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