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August 31, 2017
My visit to IET

From doing work experience here for three days, I can tell how prestigious the IET is. The library is extensive, being stored in nine different places across the site, and is available to all members. Books range from wiring for dummies, to 14th century navigational equipment manuscripts, all of which can be viewed with the help of the tireless library staff. Also available is the vast range of eBooks, downloadable from across the world. On top of this, the stunning location made it a tremendously enjoyable experience, with views of the Maxwell library (as seen below) and the Thames from the roof terrace being available to all.

When visiting the archives, I got to gaze at books up to 600 years old, and marvel at the calligraphy, and pictures that have retained their colour through the centuries. Letters from Charles Dickens to Michael Faraday, controversial manuscripts written in English by Chaucer, mammoth books by Galileo, the archives contain one of a kind volumes in beautiful print with artfully structured bindings.

I would recommend becoming a member of IET to all people who work in engineering or technology, if just to stroll through the Maxwell library, relax in the Faraday Centre or view the interesting exhibitions about engineering and technology throughout history.


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