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Topic Title: Amtech EIC
Topic Summary: How to convert draft to master
Created On: 26 April 2015 08:04 PM
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 26 April 2015 08:04 PM
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Joined: 20 July 2006

Hello, anyone out there mad enough to use Amtech Certification software? Michael there? Help!

I sat down an hour and 45 minutes ago to do an EIC (long version) for two simple circuits on a garage conversion. I decided I ought to do them on Amtech. Daft fool that I am. This would normally take me 20 minutes on Rutts' certs.

This control freak Amtech software is doing my head in in spades. Honestly, it is shocking.

I have a draft, it has passed all its validations, where the validation query is not applicable I have told it so and it now tells me it is good. For example, there is no second designer on these two circuits and I now have a designer called N/A on the list and so on. I have clicked the box to fill all blanks with N/A.

Why can I not get rid of the 'draft' at the top of the printed certs? I have scoured the help menu and done everything it suggests but it doesn't offer me the opportunity to change this tiny certificate into a master and insists on printing the word draft at the top.

Apparently it is supposed to ask me if I am happy with the first print.....anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Do not buy this software unless you need Amtech Pro for designing. I can tell you from the first hand experience of a relatively intelligent user that it makes you want to stab the screen of your computer with your best pencil. I rather like my best pencil and would prefer not to break it....I just about managed to preserve it from being used as a weapon and decided to ask you for help.

I'm currently sticking labels on the hard copy to cover the word 'draft'.

Of course I'd phone them but I lead a busy life and I'm not at my desk when they are. I'm so cross with it.

 27 April 2015 09:09 AM
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Joined: 28 December 2005

Good Morning Zs

I'll help you with this. Give me about 2 hours and I'll reply.
I'm just leaving Moorfields Eye Hospital after a checkup (had a detached retina operation - all good now).

Typing this on a IPad.

Need to use a big monitor at the moment to see what I'm doing.


 27 April 2015 11:48 AM
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Joined: 28 December 2005

Okay. Now I'm back home in front of a large monitor & I can see what I'm doing, here is a procedure that you can use.

First of all lets check we both have the same version FastTest. Go to the 'Help about' tab & check the version number. Mine is Version 2013.0.1.12 (Patch 1). If yours is different then the procedure may need a tweak or two.

1. Do a backup first in case you want to revert to the draft after mastering as described in a previous post.

2. From the the Certificate browser select Certificate you wish to 'Master' - select 'Edit' or double click.
3. Go to 'Print' (assuming you are happy with validation & spell check).
4. Select Printer e.g Amtech Pdf Writer or whatever printer if hardcopy is required. FYI, I always Pdf mine - I'll explain later why.
5. If you have electronic signatures - tick this option. (You may need to adjust the date tabs for each signature depending on need).
6. Tick 'Print Certificate Notes'.
7. Tick 'Master Copy'.
8. Certificate number will appear or you can alter with a job ref of your own choosing.
9. Select 'OK'. It will now print. On completion it will ask if the Certificate printed correctly. Select 'yes or no' as appropriate.
10. Now if 'printing' as a Pdf, save to a client file. If on the cloud or using drop-box or another clever method, you can the access all the (site) information from your Ipad or tablet etc when on a subsequent site visit if access to the information you need can't be found.
11. Do a back-up and repeat above for the next certificate or report.
12. Go get a coffee & biscuits

Whilst it may appear daunting at first, you will find that it is quite easy. I also use to pull my hair out, phone Amtech & go mad with all the bugs I had found, but, I have to say that Amtech Tech Support are pretty good & patient with helping and they do phone back if you leave message on the voice-mail.

I need to mention (again) that I have no connection with Amtech except as a satisfied customer.

As usual if you need any help either post a note or feel free to PM me.

Hopefully the above makes sense, please excuse any typos as I'm still struggling with my sight problem.

Please let me know how you get on.



Edited to add a info at step 5

Edited: 27 April 2015 at 12:14 PM by michaelbrett
 27 April 2015 12:01 PM
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Joined: 09 March 2012

Reading the above makes me realise that I am still quite happy buying a carbon copy pad of Certificates, then handwriting them.
This takes, at most 20 minutes each.
Not as neat, but certainly cheaper and more efficient.
Trouble is, I havent found any printed Amd. 3 Cert. books yet - anyone seen any?
 27 April 2015 12:12 PM
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Posts: 1047
Joined: 28 December 2005

Whist seems that the procedure is long winded, it actually takes me about 90 secs to do.

I also can get to all my different site files (from over the last 20 years) when I'm out of the office.

Keep in mind that I did a step by step procedure to help Zs


 27 April 2015 07:20 PM
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Posts: 3844
Joined: 20 July 2006

Michael you lovely man, thank you for taking the time on that especially because of your eye-op and because you are probably not supposed to be sitting in front of a screen.

I am printing those now. I have my Amtech license to my laptop so as to make Amtech protable and I will go through your step by steps from the sofa later. I had to issue as draft but I put my company logo stickers over the word draft on each page and explained the issue to my client (Building Control, so I'd have preferred to get it right but blew-out on it) They were fine about it.

Definitely 2013, it was written on the bottom of the certs with my license number but I'll have to confirm the rest later.

My Dad took a job at Moorfields after retiring from electronics. While a lady was on maternity leave. He ground special lenses and made so many friends there that I know many of them. He was wooed back into electronics though, until he finally decided to retire properly. Methinks you are in good hands and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Thank you, I was so hoping that you would see my plea. I really want to be able to use this software to good effect but they don't make it easy for us. The design software is irreplaceable but the certification software, well, it leaves a great deal of room for improvement.


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