Local authority guide to emerging transport technology

While there can be no doubt that investment in technology can deliver benefits in terms of better operation, increased accessibility and reduced costs, it is vital to ensure the procurement decisions made by local authorities are suitable for their needs.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology and ITS(UK) joint task force have produced a handbook for local authorities explaining the potential benefits of new technology. The guide has case studies of recent implementations of new ideas and a roadmap for what is relevant and upcoming.

The guide aims to:

  • Promote strategic thinking
  • Help local authorities to deliver their objectives for local transport in a way that reduces cost through the use of emerging technology
  • Avoid investment in technology that will be over-taken in a few years’ time
  • Challenging consultants providing guidance and support to local authorities to consider alternatives
  • Provide confidence in the future

The guide will include an introduction to emerging technology and help local authorities deliver local transport objectives in a way that reduces cost through the use of new emerging technology. The report also aims to prevent local authorities from investing in a technology that will be over taken in a few years’ time. The guide will highlight case studies where emerging technology is already being utilised in order to create a more efficient local transport system.

We would be interested to hear of any additional case studies that you believe showcase the use of emerging technology in transport systems by local authorities.