London 2012

Engineering - a vital component at the heart of the London 2012 Olympics

The UK's biggest sporting event in decades, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, took place in 2012 at the new purpose-built park in east London.

Behind the preparation for the Games was an incredible array of engineering and technology, creating a world class environment of construction, infrastructure, transport, hospitality, tourism and more. In all these areas, it was engineers and technicians who enabled it to be a success.

In order to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion and highlight the important contributions of engineers and technicians towards the 2012 Olympics, the IET was proud to be an official “learning legacy partner” for the Olympic Delivery Authority on transport and sustainable utilities.

The following pages provide an wealth of legacy information on the 2012 Olympic Games including facts and figures behind the building of the Olympic Park, information held in the IET Archives, and resources from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA).


Olympic village  

Olympic park: facts and figures

Interesting facts and figures relating to the Olympic Park.

Olympic park  


Information on the Olympics from the IET Archives.

Olympic aquatics centre  

ODA events resource material

ODA Learning Legacy - Raising the bar for the UK’s construction industry.

Olympic stadium  

ICT enabling the Games ICT and the 2012 Olympic games

Selected papers highlighting the rich diversity of ICT that helped deliver the London 2012 Olympic games.


(All Olympic venue images in this section are credited to London 2012).