Cloud computing: commercial opportunities (part 2)

In the first factfile on Cloud Computing we saw how three technologies have combined to create or enable the Cloud proposition. Virtualisation, combined with automated orchestration of applications and virtual machines, form the basis of Cloud technologies. Access to IT resources in the Cloud over the internet provides the third enabling technology.

Please note that throughout this paper, the term “customer” describes the end user of a computing service. Five key capabilities, that these technologies provide, form the basis of the commercial opportunities for Cloud Computing:

  • On-demand Self-Service 
  • Ubiquitous Network Access 
  • Resource Pooling 
  • Rapid Elasticity 
  • Measured Service

At a personal level, almost everyone will have some experience of Cloud Computing through email systems, social networking, on-line storage for photos and music and browser based document creation. However, this fact file is not primarily aimed at consumer use of Cloud based software applications (in Cloud jargon, Software as a Service - SaaS) but at the commercial opportunities Cloud computing can provide for business and government.