Competency framework for independent safety assessors (ISAs)

This framework is aimed at supporting the requirement for competency and its associated guidance contained in the Code of Practice for ISA's.

Independent safety assessment is the formation of a judgement, separate and independent from any system design, development or operational personnel, that the safety requirements for the system are appropriate and adequate for the planned application and that the system satisfies those safety requirements. A person who carries out independent safety assessment is known as an independent safety assessor or ISA.

This document is a framework for assessing the competency of ISA's and provides broad guidance on the competency criteria for ISA's. This is aimed at:

individuals who wish to become an ISA,
individuals who wish to develop their skills as an ISA,
individuals who need to document their skills as an ISA,
organisations who wish to procure the services of an ISA,
organisations who need to know that an ISA is competent,
regulators who are assessing ISA's.

This document was reviewed and reissued with minor amendments in 2013.