Health and safety factfiles

Information on key aspects of health and safety for engineers, technicians and managers.

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Glossary of safety terminology Health and safety factfiles and briefings by title and category

A full list of all health and safety factfiles and briefings by title and category.

Health and safety risk management General health and safety factfiles

The following factfiles discuss a range of health and safety issues including colour vision defects (currently being updated), advice on interconnecting mains powered equipment, and electrical safety - a perspective based on incidents.

General health and safety factfiles (full list of general health and safety factfiles)

Biological Effects of Low-Level Electromagnetic Fields of Frequencies up to 300 GHz Mobiles, pylons and health

Looking into the possible health effects of mobile phones, base stations, power lines and pylons.

Mobiles, pylons and health factfiles  

Health and safety briefings

A series of short briefings designed to demystify health and safety topics, from dealing with asbestos to reducing stress at work. These have been broken down into 4 sections, namely management, specific hazards, controlling risk, and legislation.

Behaviour based safety Management of health and safety

The following briefings discuss the management of health and safety, and include topics such as safety culture, fire safety risk assessment, glossary of safety terminology, and safety culture.

Management of health and safety

Asbestos briefing Specific hazards

The following briefings discuss specific hazards under health and safety, and include topics such as asbestos, electricity in the workplace, personal protective equipment, and arc flash protection.

Specific Hazards

Controlling risk

The following briefings discuss controlling risk in health and safety, such as permit to work systems and the safe maintenance of equipment.

Controlling risk

Legal responsibilities and penalties Health and safety legislation

The following briefings discuss health and safety legislation, and include topics such as legal responsibilities and penalties, provision and use of work equipment, and the supply of machinery (safety) regulations.

Health and safety legislation