Transforming the electricity system - summary

This is the Executive Summary of a report published by the IET Power Network Joint Vision group in October 2014.  It explains the challenges facing the electricity system and why the IET believes that a System Architect is the best and most cost-effective approach to meeting these challenges.  To avoid any misunderstanding, the use of the engineering term ‘system architect’ refers primarily to a technical co-ordination role, not a ‘central buyer’ or market activity.

The later sections of the Executive Summary provide a brief summary of the in-depth study that is contained in the complete report.  The complete report studies other UK industries employing a System Architect function to provide sound engineering input into the planning and operation of complex infrastructure systems and draws lessons for the electricity industry.

The IET brought together experts from industry, government and the regulator to share learning and knowledge and identify long-term and cost-effective solutions to the challenges facing electricity network as we move towards a low carbon economy.

Further information on the IET’s Power Network Joint Vision activity can be downloaded from http://www.theiet.org/pnjv.