Electricity networks - handling a shock to the system (technical report)

This is the Technical Report published by the IET Power Network Joint Vision group in December 2013.  It provides more detailed technical information in support of the Position Statement of the same name.

Decarbonisation of energy is probably the biggest peace-time change to national infrastructure that the UK will have seen. Ensuring the future stability of the grid while creating a system that can deal with two-way local power flows and less-predictable generation and new demands such as charging of electric vehicles will be a big challenge. The changes needed across the nation’s power networks are huge and a ‘one system’ approach, rather than one that only looks at parts of the system in isolation, is vital. Among the recommendations, the report calls for steps to be taken to establish the functionality of an electricity “System Architect”.

The IET brought together experts from industry, government and the regulator to share learning and knowledge and identify long-term and cost-effective solutions to the challenges facing electricity network as we move towards a low carbon economy. 

The document and further information on the IET’s Power Network Joint Vision activity can be downloaded from http://www.theiet.org/pnjv.   

Alternatively please use the link below for the document only.