Energy issues concerning the generation and use of electricity.

This section contains IET briefings on energy policy issues (such as electricity market reform and smart grids) and generation).  The aim in every case is to provide authoritative information and increase public understanding.






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Hydroelectric power Energy generation technologies factfiles

These factfiles discuss the various forms of energy generation technologies available for potential development in the UK including combined heat and power (CHP), fuel cells, and distributed generation.

Full list of energy generation technologies factfiles


Nuclear reactor types Nuclear energy factfiles

A wide range of nuclear issues, ranging from the use of nuclear power in the UK, decommissioning of nuclear power stations, the nuclear fuel cycle, a glossary of nuclear terms, and the decay rate of Uranium 238.

Full list of nuclear power factfiles


Energy principles UK energy policy briefings and position statements

These briefings and position statements offer guidance towards effective policy-making based on sound engineering knowledge and experience.  Subjects covered include: energy principles, electricity storage, smart grids, energy from a consumer perspective (the home energy revolution), electricity market reform, and a history of energy policy.

Full list of UK energy policy briefings