IET 2013 Skills Survey - issues and actions

The 2013 IET Skills Survey - Issues and Actions details how government, business and academia can address the issues raised in the 2013 survey.

With over a third of employers planning to recruit engineering, IT and technical staff over the next 12 months, there is clearly a demand for skilled people. Business expansion and diversification will be put at risk if more people are not encouraged to enter and remain in the profession. One of the key opportunities to maximise the pool of available engineers is by making sure that companies retain and retrain as many people as possible, encouraging them to remain in the profession. We recommend that:

  • Employers and the professional engineering institutions work together to incentivise engineers who have left the profession to rejoin and support those who wish to convert to it through training.
  • Employers provide initiatives to offer scope for people to retrain into engineering disciplines experiencing skills shortages, which will benefit both industry and the individuals involved. This should be strongly supported and promoted by the institutions and government.