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Pressing “FIRE” on the most powerful laser


Image of three blue heads in profile on grey background

When the Central Laser Facilities super-intense lasers strike at a solid, liquid or a gas, they heat it to millions of degrees in less than a trillionth of a second and rip apart the material structure to transform into plasma —the fourth state of matter.

Date and Time

26 October 2018 - 12:00-15:30


London, United Kingdom - icon_popup  (See map)


Organised by the UK - London local network.

About this event

The talk will explain the capabilities and applications of the most powerful lasers.  It will explain how laser-plasma beams are a technology for advanced imaging and inspection techniques in aerospace, nuclear and advanced manufacturing sectors.
Ceri Brenner is a plasma physicist and innovator who uses the most powerful lasers in the world to study what happens when extreme bursts of light come into contact with matter she is using this knowledge to design new X-ray technology that can see through steel! The extreme physics she studies can also be applied for understanding supernova explosions in space or how we can ignite a star on earth for clean electricity generation.
In 2017 she was awarded the UK Institute of Physics’ Clifford-Paterson Medal and Prize.
She has an MA degree from Oxford University, and a PhD from Strathclyde University.  She is a Member of the Institute of Physics
Central Laser Facility, Science and Technology Facilities Council.   At Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


 11:30/11:40 Arrival for optional lunch 
It is essential to sign in at the Faraday reception desk which is on the second floor for IET building before entering the Faraday Centre.
Payment for the lunch is on the event day and is made at the Faraday Kitchen counter which is in the Faraday Centre.  Cash and most credit/debit cards are accepted.  The receipt is the ‘entrance ticket’ to the lunch room. 
12:00 to 13:45 – Optional lunch.
13:45 - Arrival for lecture
(It is essential to sign in separately for attendance at the lecture.  Note this is required for IET attendance records purposes and is different to the Faraday signing in procedure).
14:00 to 14:45/15:00 – the lecture starts promptly at 14:00
14:45/15:00 to 15:30 approximately – questions and discussion
15:30 Optional tea/coffee in the Faraday Centre.  Free for members.  Non-members can purchase tea/coffee at the Faraday Kitchen counter.  Note before entering the Faraday Centre you must sign in at the reception desk.
Please remember to sign out when leaving the Faraday Centre.

Reasons to attend

Keeping up to date with modern research which will have many applications in future in many fields

Continuing Professional Development

CPD logo declaring this event can contribute 1 hours towards your Continuing Professional Development

This event can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme.

Additional information

Attendees will have the opportunity to pre book a lunch at Savoy Place.  The cost for a two course meal with wine until the 31 March 2019 is £17.50. After this date the meal will cost £18.95.  It is ESSENTIAL to pre book lunch.

Registration information

Those wishing to attend are asked to send an e-mail not later than the preceding Monday, giving name(s), and requesting attendance at the lunch and lecture or just the lecture, and in the case of lunch, giving any dietary restrictions.
The e-mail should be sent to both johnfuller500(at)yahoo.com and tonydavies(at)ieee.org     Please substitute the (at) in the email addresses by @.  This normally removes the problem of e-mail addresses being harvested by others and/or misused".
Also please note the triple 'e' in Tony's address.
The subject line of the email should be “Friday Lunch and Lecture” followed by the event title and date. No acknowledgement will be sent unless specifically requested. 

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