Technical and Professional Networks

The IET supports Technical and Professional Networks (TPNs) driven by groups of volunteers who work or have expertise within the topic area. TPNs promote the sharing and advancement of knowledge through various activities.



Aerospace Network

The Aerospace Network is the principal point of reference for members and non-members engaged within the international Aerospace community in industry and academia.

Control and automation

Control and automation

Control and Automation Network

This community has been established to represent all those with an active interest in automation and control.

Functional safety

picture of the globe held in human hands

Functional Safety Network

This TPN supports activities that improve the development and assurance of safe systems, shares ideas, technical information and industry news.

Multimedia communications

Multimedia communications

Multimedia Communications Network

A network covering the electronic means by which multimedia content is created and distributed.

Power systems and equipment

Power systems and equipment

Power Systems and Equipment Network

The network represents all those with an active interest in power systems and equipment.

RF and microwave technology

RF and microwave technology

RF and Microwave Technology Network

A specialist network covering the area of radio frequency, microwave and millimetre-wave science, engineering and technology.


Gear and ball bearings

Tribology Network

Tribology is the science and technology of interactive surfaces in relative motion. It incorporates various scientific and technological disciplines.

Antennas and propagation

Antenna array

Antennas and Propagation Network

The Antennas and Propagation Network covers all aspects of the theory and design and modelling of antenna systems.


Healthcare technologies

Healthcare Technologies Network

This network strives to support biomedical engineers by providing a platform for the community to exchange knowledge.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) touches upon every sector and almost every engineering discipline. This network will focus on topics which reflect the expertise of its members and interests of the IoT society.

Particle Accelerator

Particle Accelerator Image

Particle Accelerator Engineering Network

This group comes together to share knowledge about accelerator engineering activities in the UK and to establish a network between industry institutions and universities involved with accelerator technology.

Project controls

Project control

Project Controls Network

The Project Controls Network is a collaboration between the IET and the ACostE.

Robotics and mechatronics

Robotics and mechatronics

Robotics and Mechatronics Network

This network strives to co-ordinate the fragmented groups representing the UK robotics and mechatronics community.

Vision and imaging

Vision and imaging

Vision and Imaging Network

Focused on the generation, processing, communication and presentation of visual information.

Automotive and road transport

Automotive - car on a road

Automotive and Road Transport Network

A distinct network that brings together the automotive and road infrastructure sectors, with a particular focus on the use of technologies.



Electromagnetics Network

The network facilitates sharing and understanding of technical information and knowledge associated with electromagnetics.



Manufacturing Network

This community has been established to represent professional engineers, technologists, and applied scientists who have interests in the principles.



Power, Electronics, Machines and Drives Network

This network aims to provide a platform for the Power Electronics, Machines and Drives community to share technical ideas.



Railway Network

A network covering electrical engineering aspects of the promotion, construction, regulation, operation, safety and maintenance of railway, metro, tramway.

Satellite systems

Satellite systems and applications

Satellite Systems and Applications Network

Focused on satellites, space vehicles and earth stations used in: communications, navigation, earth observation, remote sensing.