Sixth Electric Vehicles - the journey from power station to wheel

View the video presentations from this topical seminar.

Continuing the series of lectures on 'Electric vehicles - the journey from power station to wheel', these presentations explored the current UK strategy for mass adoption of low carbon vehicles, impacts on the energy grid and how motorsport technologies can be deployed in the domestic vehicle market.

Speakers covered the following issues:

  • Potential growth and realistic take up of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the UK?
  • What are the drivers for change?
  • Challenges and opportunities for integrating EVs with the energy grid;
  • Design, development and integration of road-going pure electric and hybrid systems.

At this seminar Dr Paul Robson from Zytek Automotive discussed the design, development and integration of road-going pure electric and hybrid systems and Zytek's high performance Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for motorsport applications. 

Zytek Automotive is a specialist powertrain and vehicle engineering company dedicated to delivering innovative engineering solutions to its customers. Building on its early experience developing advanced engine control systems, Zytek’s expertise was refocused on Electric and Hybrid-vehicle technology, and the company has established a reputation for innovation and technical achievement in this sector during the past decade.

Roger Critchley presented on the Green eMotion project, which is an European Commission funded initiative and aimed at enabling the mass deployment of electric vehicles in Europe. A key part of the project is to develop an interoperable fast-DC, inductive and battery-swapping infrastructure.