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Where to start

Knowing where to begin can be tricky, which is why the IET guides you all the way. We’ll help you choose the right A levels, pick the right university and identify what course to choose.

Choosing the right A levels

If you’ve decided not to go down the vocational route, choosing the right A levels will become the foundation of your career.

What’s required?

At basic level, the majority of engineering or technology degrees require A levels in maths and physics. But there’s more to it than that.

Do your research

Look into your chosen course across a few different universities and find out what the entry requirements are. For example, for some environmental engineering courses, an A level in geography is also favoured. If you haven’t yet decided on a course, do more general research. Look through a few courses which sound interesting to you and select the A levels they have in common.

It’s not always technical

Subjects which hone your soft skills are just as important. For example, choosing a subject like English is a great way to improve your written skills, which will serve you well in an engineering career, where you’ll be required to write papers and reports.

Choose honestly

It’s much harder to do well in subjects that you don’t enjoy. If you want top marks, pick the subjects at the top of your interests. Don’t choose something just because you think it’ll look good on your UCAS application.

You should also remember to choose subjects that suit you, and not those which family and friends feel are best for you. If need be, visit career advice centres and websites for unbiased advice.