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Hamza's diary entry - Winter 2018

Last semester, I also led a small volunteer group of engineering students aiming to design low-cost, portable and imitable demonstrative experiments for primary school science. The experiments were developed with financial and logistic support from my university’s IET On Campus group. We intend to present our work at a national conference on science education.

My senior year project

Focusing on my own education, my electrical engineering degree programme entails a senior year project (SYP). Having realised that my interest lies in the gears and wheels of nature rather than those of machines, I intend to do my SYP in physics, or in quantum optics more specifically. To brush up on the theoretical aspects of the project, I am currently studying an experimental quantum mechanics textbook as well as taking two online courses. Moreover, I am also auditing a graduate-level course on wave propagation.

Since I am taking a digital signal processing course as part of my sixth semester, I decided it would be a good idea to do a teaching assistant-ship for the signals and systems course at my department. The course instructor graciously agreed to my request, so, going forward, I will be delivering tutorial sessions with an emphasis on the math skills required by the course.

Taking the GRE

Finally, for the coming summer, I have applied to a couple of international internships pertaining to physics and electrical engineering. I have also started preparation for my Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which is the standardised verbal and quantitative reasoning test required for admission to many graduate schools in the US, amongst others. I plan to take it by September this year, so please wish me luck!