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Need financial help during your studies? Our IET Engineering Horizons Bursaries are a good place to start

James Bancroft, BEng (Hons) Robotics, Mechatronics and Control Engineering student at Loughborough University, took the chance and successfully applied. With support from the IET, James can now focus on his studies and begin working towards his goal of standing at the forefront of robotics design.

How did you first hear about the IET and our Engineering Horizons Bursaries?

I heard about the Engineering Horizons Bursary from my older brother who is also a proud member of the IET. I then conducted independent research into the achievements and opportunities that IET has to offer and decided that it was something I would like to be a part of.

With £1,000 a year support for four years, how will your Engineering Horizons Bursary help you during your studies?

The Engineering Horizons Bursary will provide a source of income of which I will use to buy equipment and resources for my course. This includes textbooks, Arduino Sensors and modules and lastly, specialist tools such as a digital multi-meter. It will also be used to fund my attendance to any paid engineering events that I find of interest. This will allow me to network with other dedicated engineers and share ideas. This bursary will also allow me to maintain focus on my studies as it will help to relieve financial stress.

As a student with a passion for engineering and promoting the industry to others, how will you keep involved with the IET?

I will keep involved by attending as many IET events as possible so that I can stay active within the IET community. I intend to spread the word of IET whenever I attend an engineering event and whenever I meet others like myself. I also wish to take advantage of as many opportunities that IET has to offer such as mentoring.

What’s your ambition after completing this course?

I hope to be at the forefront of robotics design, specialising within the field of companion robotics. I also aspire to have an engineering company of my own in the future once I have acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge.


Applications are still open for our Engineering Horizons Bursaries. Be sure to check out if you’re eligible and submit your application!

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