IET On Campus documents and resources

The IET On Campus Guide

Getting started with your IET On Campus group

Running an IET On Campus group illustrated by 6 simple steps.

New group form

To start a new IET On Campus group, please complete this form and email it to us.

In-Person Events Checklist

For in-person events, please complete this checklist and send to your IET Community Manager at least 4 weeks before your proposed event takes place.


Read through our Funding Process Form before making any payments or purchases related to your On Campus event/activity.

To request funding for your On Campus event/activity, please complete the Funding Request Form and email it to us.


After each event, please send us a Metrics form, which tells us how many people attended your event.


Whenever there are changes to your committee, please inform us of the changes by sending a Succession Form.

Live broadcast form

If you would like to host an online event using the IET's license on our preferred video communications platform, please complete this form at least 2 weeks before your proposed webinar date.