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Robel Yemane

Did you know that many IT and engineering undergrad students can achieve the competencies needed to obtain professional registration during an industry placement year?

Robel Yemane, originally from Eritrea, discovered it was possible to gain professional registration as a student engineer during his BSc in computer networks and communications at the University of Westminster.

Professional registration for students

“In my second year at university, I had a module called professional engineering practice. As the name suggests, it was a module to introduce the students to the profession of engineering; the challenges and the responsibilities,” he explains. “As part of this module, the lecturer Dr Anush Yardim discussed the importance of gaining industry experience through year-long or summer placements and the positive effect this could have when you start your career. She advised the students to gain professional qualifications as these would support your career throughout your professional life.”

Robel kept this in mind, and when he started his year-long industry placement at BlackBerry Network Operations he made sure to record the details of all the activities and tasks he was involved in.

Applying for professional registration through an industry placement

“Therefore when it came to applying for professional registration through the IET, I had all the required proof to show my competence through my involvement in particular tasks and roles. It was then just a matter of filling out a couple of documents,” he says.

“I sent these off to my manager at BlackBerry to sign, testifying that my records truly represented the work I performed during my year at the company, and giving him the chance to share his thoughts on my competence and contribution to the company. These were all sent off and around a month later I received two letters of acceptance - both for Engineering Technician (EngTech) and ICT Technician (ICTTech).

What professional registration can mean for your early career

It meant a lot to Robel that his professional competence was recognised by an organisation like the IET and he is using these early career achievements to push himself forward.

“Being professionally registered is already pushing me to set higher targets and to achieve and contribute more to the engineering and technology sector,” he says proudly.

“After completing my BSc I plan to start a career within the field of IT and security. I then plan to gain the necessary field experience to gain further industry qualifications as well as returning to education as a postgraduate at some stage. Parallel to this, I would like to further my professional registration and am aiming to work towards gaining Chartered Engineer (CEng) status next,” he adds.

Find out if you can apply for professional registration

Want to find out if your time in a work experience placement qualifies you for EngTech or ICT Technician (ICTTech) professional registration? Be sure to check in with your tutor, IET liaison or head over to our technician professional registration for students page for further information on the competencies needed and how to apply.

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