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Electrician EngTech

What is Electrician EngTech?

Electrician EngTech is a category of Professional Registration.

Once you are awarded EngTech, this is referred to as being professionally registered.

  • It proves to employers, customers and colleagues that you have achieved a high standard of engineering professionalism.
  • It demonstrates that you can fulfil your role and you hold the sort of work ethic valued by an employer.
  • It can offer improved career prospects, higher earning potential and much greater respect and influence at work.

Electrician EngTech is specifically based on the qualifications and experience held by electricians. It’s likely that your own experience to date will mean you can become registered and if you’re not quite ready yet, we can help you.

How can Electrician EngTech benefit you?

About Electrician EngTech

Why choose Electrician EngTech?

Why apply?

There are many great reasons to get professionally registered, including a 25% discount for members on publications, which is a big saving on the IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671. 

The cost for membership is less than you might think - take a look at our fees pages for more information.

Speak to your Manager or HR/Training team who may be able to support your Membership and Electrician EngTech application.

Applying is easy:

Resources for applicants

Electrician EngTech applications: FAQs

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