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Mentor case study - Andrew McGeachie

Andrew McGeachie is an electrical engineer and the owner of AMG Engineering Solutions Ltd, and over the years has helped many of his colleagues work towards gaining Chartered Engineer status.

Finding the experience very rewarding, he decided to volunteer as a mentor for the IET, with the aim of helping younger engineers to understand and better navigate the route to registration.

“I enjoy being a guide and a source of information and I was motivated to volunteer so I could help guide and offer support to new candidates seeking professional registration,” he notes.

But as well as wanting to give back to the community, Andrew was keen to become a mentor as it would offer new networking communities and help expand his professional network.

“I had a few good reasons for becoming a mentor and one was networking; meeting new people and especially younger, less experienced professional engineers,” he says.

Andrew highlights that a good mentor is someone with a certain skill set: someone who can listen rather than talk, and provide the right information without overloading the mentee. He says the key is being prepared: researching the mentee’s professional registration goals and being aware of the Engineering Council’s UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) requirements before you meet.

Clearly, there’s work involved in this role, but Andrew enjoys the challenge of matching up a mentee’s experience to the requirements and working out the areas they need to work on in order to apply for professional registration. The appreciation he gets for helping them achieves their career goals is what makes it all worthwhile.

Interested in inspiring others?

If reading Andrew's story has inspired you to help others with their journey to professional registration, then find out more about volunteering as an IET Mentor.