Supporting candidates towards Initial Professional Development


As a mentor, you’ll guide candidates towards becoming well-rounded individuals who will contribute to the engineering profession. You’ll work closely with them but not in a direct supervisory way, instead, you’ll challenge them and give guidance and feedback on how they can improve. When it comes to professional registration, you’ll support the candidate’s self-assessment and review their progress to keep them on track.

Interested in learning more? Visit our mentoring web pages to see how it all works and the resources in place to help you.

Roles in Career Manager

As a candidate works towards professional registration, they’re expected to develop competence and keep records of any supporting evidence. Career Manager lets candidates self-assess their skills against the professional registration standards and submit to a line manager or mentor for feedback and verification. And when a candidate is ready to submit a professional registration application, they’ll need to have a supporter validate their application.

If you’re a mentor or line manager, you can help with both these activities without being an IET member. Simply ask your candidate to issue you a guest ticket so you can access the documents they want to be signed off.


A supporter is someone (ideally a registered engineer) who endorses a membership or professional registration application, using your personal knowledge of the applicant to confirm that they have the right experience and skills to use the IET’s designatory letters.

Professional Registration Advisor (PRA)

If you know the requirements and route to professional registration inside out, you might want to volunteer as a PRA. You’ll be able to give candidates advice on putting together their best application and presenting it for review. Find out more about becoming a PRA.

Industry representatives

If you’re interested in promoting the IET where you work, we’d love to have you. You’ll act as a link between us and your organisation and give general information on membership or professional registration to anyone who needs it. Find out more about becoming an Industry Representative.