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The Engineering Council Code of Practice

Demonstration of commitment

Be proactive with keeping your professional competence up to date:

  • Make sure you know the legal and commercial requirements for any CPD evidence you upload.
  • Understand how evidence is used in your appraisals, employment and recruitment.
  • Be aware of the types of evidence that can help you.
  • Make sure you get suitable evidence whenever you can.
  • Self-management.

Take responsibility for your CPD:

  • Identify and prioritise your development needs and opportunities.
  • Use available resources like guidelines and competence benchmarks to help your self-assessment.
  • Plan and carry out activities across a range of formats.
  • Record your development achievements.
  • Evaluate your achievements and check them against your needs.

Learning support: Support the professional development of others:

  • Be prepared to act as a mentor.
  • Encourage your employer to support professional development. 
  • Share your expertise and knowledge with others.
  • Help others learn.
  • Join a professional body and get involved.

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Looking for more detail?

Visit the Engineering Council website to find out more about the CPD Code for registrants.