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CPD Annual Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to CPD or is it optional?

CPD becomes mandatory at the point of joining the IET as all potential members are asked whether they accept the Rules of Conduct which include the following:

"Members shall keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date through planned professional development and seek to broaden and deepen that knowledge throughout their working life."

"Members shall keep adequate records of professional development undertaken. Members shall also encourage persons working under their supervision to do the same."

Members who become professionally registered are also obliged to follow the Engineering Council’s CPD Code.

Additionally, every year a random sample of TMIET, MIET and FIET Members (regardless of Professional Registration status) is selected and asked to provide a CPD record for review as part of our mandatory CPD Audit.

Members who are not professionally active do not have to undertake CPD. This may be through retirement (without volunteering), long-term unemployment, employment in a non-engineering capacity, parental leave, long-term illness etc.

Why do you require members to commit to CPD?

CPD, if done well, is of great benefit to individuals, organisations and society.

It enables us to maintain our existing knowledge, make the most of our potential, make informed decisions as well as innovate whilst acting responsibly.

Members of the IET are meant to embody the best qualities the world of engineering and technology has to offer.

What counts as CPD?

There are many activities that can count as CPD, both formal and informal.

We encourage members to use the TWAVES acronym to make it easier to remember:

We encourage members to use reliable CPD resources. However, please note that CPD activities do not need to be approved or accredited.

We also do not require CPD certificates or other supporting documents.

How many CPD hours do I need to undertake?

We recommend that professionally active members undertake at least 30 hours of CPD per calendar year (at least 10 hours if partially active).

Estimating CPD hours is subjective. Individuals decide how many hours of learning they feel they have gained from a given activity.

How do I record and submit CPD?

We encourage members to use Career Manager.

This online professional development tool enables you to plan and record your CPD activities, track your progress on an ongoing basis and submit your CPD record on an annual basis.

Alternatively, you can provide some basic information and upload your existing CPD record to Career Manager from a different source if you already record it using a different system/method.

It is also possible to send a CPD record to us via email or post. However, this is not recommended and may involve follow-up questions and a longer processing time.

A standard CPD record covers:

  • name & type of activity
  • start date
  • end date
  • target date if applicable
  • number of CPD hours
  • a short description and reflection (lessons learnt).

I have recorded my CPD on Career Manager, can you see it?

We cannot view CPD records unless they are submitted to us.

Do I have to submit a CPD record every year?

We strongly encourage members to submit CPD records every year.

However, the submission of a CPD declaration is not mandatory unless a member is selected to provide a CPD record for review as part of our CPD Audit.

In this case, a CPD record must be submitted, or members need to describe their circumstances if asking for an exemption or deadline extension.

Do you review all CPD records?

Normally, we only provide detailed feedback to members selected for review.

However, upon submission, members gain access to CPD Dashboard which provides valuable information on CPD statistics/trends at an individual and group level.

In certain circumstances, we may be able to provide brief, informal comments on a record on request, but this is dependent on staff resources.

What are the CPD Review criteria?

We recommend that CPD hours are split between personal technical knowledge and skills, job specific technical knowledge and skills and personal soft skills (depending on your skills gaps, goals, objectives, interests, circumstances etc.).

If you are selected to have your CPD reviewed, we will consider the following factors:

  • Whether or not you have included a CPD plan and if your CPD relates to it
  • Whether or not you have achieved the recommended 30 hours of CPD for the year in question
  • Whether or not you have included CPD across a range of the TWAVES categories
  • Whether or not you have included a mix of soft and technical skills
  • Whether or not you have linked your CPD to UK-SPEC competences
  • Whether or not you have included a brief reflection statement detailing how you benefited from your CPD activities

What if I don’t submit a CPD record for review as part of the CPD Audit?

Members who continually do not respond or engage with our request put their IET membership and, if applicable, Professional Registration at risk.