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About the IET Academy

The IET Academy provides in-depth e-learning for engineers.

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Your cost-effective and flexible training solution

Engineers often need to keep up with fast-paced changes within their industry. E-learning through the IET Academy offers you a cost-effective alternative to the challenge of finding and budgeting external training to keep up to date.

Why choose e-learning?

E-learning is evolving. Online courses now provide the same depth of learning as traditional classroom-based training. In addition, e-learning offers:

  • technical or in-depth content presented in a variety of interactive methods to fully embed your learning
  • differing forms of assessment throughout courses to ensure that you have understood the content all the way through
  • flexible access to individual units that can be studied at times that suit you, and
  • the opportunity to set the pace of your own learning, unlike a classroom environment where the pace is set by the tutor.

Why choose the IET Academy?

We provide courses that are written specifically for engineers, delivering specialised content that meets the needs of our learners. We also ensure:

  • high quality content partners who are experts in their area
  • specialist courses on a broad range of technical and professional areas
  • a learning platform that is simple and intuitive to use for anyone, regardless of their technical expertise
  • proven learning techniques to enhance engagement and recall, and
  • media-rich and interactive course content to deliver detailed information effectively.

Find out more and find all of our courses at the IET Academy website.

IET Academy for your company

For organisations, the IET Academy will provide robust, scalable training opportunities across all engineering sectors that can be customized for both industry and geography-specific needs.