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Introduction to TRIZ

The TRIZ process offers a rigorous and systematic approach to understanding and solving any problem; its principal tools enable you to uncover the most effective route to practical solutions.

TRIZ includes concept lists distilled from an analysis of all known engineering success, making TRIZ a unique tool to find solutions to any given problem – including both technical and management issues – without having to rely on the spontaneous creativity of individuals.

Aligned with UK-SPEC competence:

B: Design and development of processes, systems, services and products

Who should attend

  • Any engineer from senior management to undergraduate;
  • Design and Systems Engineers;
  • R & D personnel, researchers and training managers;
  • Technical and process managers;
  • Business managers and engineering managers.
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If you would like to book five delegates or more on to this course you may benefit from having this course delivered in-company.

Introduction to TRIZ course

Delegate feedback

"Very useful introduction."

"Brilliant lecturer."

This course has received 92.86% positive feedback from previous attendees.*

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*from January 2018 to June 2018 based on feedback from 10 delegates.