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Introduction to bidding and tendering

During the course, delegates will be provided with an approach to identify genuine opportunities, highlight discriminators through win themes and value propositions and to structure and develop bid activities within a business unit ensuring resources are used appropriately and efficiently. The individual is challenged to focus upon each specific opportunity to improve the win rate. 

By attending this course, delegates will:

  • appreciate the key issues to be considered and evaluated at each stage of the bidding and tendering process
  • have a better understanding of their relevance and how they can be practically applied
  • have a better understanding of the importance of singling out winning opportunities
  • be able to identify and develop a consistent and coherent approach to proposal writing
  • have an understanding of the terminology, technical and procedural issues pertaining to the initial stages of an acquisition programme
  • be more commercially aware and able to target their resource where it may have the best outcome.

The delegate will benefit from the knowledge which has been shared to become more focused on establishing genuine opportunities that bring real utility to the company. The company gains personnel who can recognise the strengths the organisation can bring to meet the specific needs of its potential customers. Importantly the organisation should be enabled to optimise its resource on targeted requirements.

Aligned with UK-SPEC competence:

B: Use of effective communication and interpersonal skills.

C: Responsibility, management or leadership.

Who should attend

This course is primarily aimed at:

  • Business development staff;
  • Engineering, project and other staff involved in the development and writing of bids and tenders;
  • Contracting and commercial staff;
  • Managers involved in the development of company strategy and goals.

Delegate feedback

"Interesting and informative."

This course has received 100 percent positive feedback from previous attendees.*

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If you would like to book five delegates or more on to this course you may benefit from having this course delivered in-company.