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Alternative career options

Remain in the know

Keep the channels of opportunity open by staying in touch with the industry. As a member you’ll have online and offline access to a huge amount of information, such as the virtual library and the IET’s magazines. Our resources are useful to careers outside of engineering such as law and teaching. For example, our primary and secondary school resources websites are packed with free teaching resources for science, design and technology, engineering and maths activities, as well as information about our Faraday activity days.

Professional recognition

The chance to become CEng, IEng or ICTTech is a valuable career move, no matter what you want to do. The proficiencies you must learn to become registered are useful in multiple jobs. Whatever you choose to do, the skills you acquire through professional registration will make you a more attractive candidate in a huge variety of job markets.

Networking opportunities

Stay connected with IET events covering a whole spectrum of different topics, ranging from social get-togethers to informative lectures. These events are useful to any chosen career and you my find they’ll open doors to new opportunities.

Further your education

IET members have access to many courses aimed towards enhancing skill sets and job opportunities. You’ll be surprised by the amount of crossover with regards to engineering skills into other sectors.

Retain an engineering perspective

If you plan to make a move into law and finance for example, maintaining your engineering perspective will help you specialise in your new field and give you an edge when you’re looking for a job. If you’re already specialised in an area like manufacturing or IT, don’t let the years of education go to waste. The IET's Technical and Professional Networks (TPNs), will keep you informed of sector innovation, as well as keep you a part of a specialist community that can influence change.