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On Campus Group of the Year Award

What is the IET On Campus Group of the Year Award?

IET On Campus student groups are helping us to engineer a better world by inspiring students at universities all around the globe to pursue a career in engineering and technology and to engage with the IET throughout their time at university.

The IET On Campus Group of the Year Award is our way of recognising and rewarding the IET On Campus student group that has gone above and beyond the rest between 30 April 2018 – 30 April 2019.

We’ve put together our criteria for the IET On Campus Group of the Year Award, which contains four main questions:

  1. Your most successful event of the year (April 2018-2019):
    1. Tell us about the event you are most proud of and how it was your most successful event of the year. Please make sure you include the following in your answer:
      1. Title of event
      2. Number of attendees
      3. What your budget was and how you stuck to it
      4. Did you use On Campus funding?
      5. Did you promote the event on social media?
  1. Your most engaging social media post:
    1. Most engaging can mean anything from the number of clicks it received, likes, comments and/or shares. It does not need to be about an event, it can be a link to a website, a video, anything! As long as it was relevant and on your On Campus social media page.
  1. A time you have collaborated:
    1. A time when you have joint forces and teamed up to work on something with other people such as your local network, other On Campus groups, other volunteers, your university or societies, etc.
    2. This can also include any positive effect you have had on your local community.
  1. The greatest challenge your group has overcome

We’re asking you to let us know how your IET On Campus group has met these criteria and why you deserve this prestigious award.

What’s the prize?

In addition to the pride and status that comes with being crowned the IET On Campus Group of the Year winner, you will also receive:

  • £1,000* to spend on a team activity/event of your choice for your IET On Campus student group
  • A trophy for each member of your IET On Campus leadership team
  • A certificate for each member of your IET On Campus leadership team and group members.

*£1,000 GBP

How to enter

This year’s competition takes place online! Follow this link to set up your account and answer those important questions.

To qualify for entry for this award, your group must be recognised by the IET as an On Campus student group (i.e. we have received your application form to become an On Campus student community and holds a formal record of your group). You can view a full list of recognised IET On Campus student groups.

Not part of an IET On Campus group? No problem, visit our About On Campus page or email oncampus@theiet.org and we’ll help you get started.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel is made up of IET Staff, volunteers and an independent judge. The full list of 2019 Judges will be released soon – watch this space!

What are you waiting for?

Your IET On Campus group are already fantastic ambassadors for engineering and the IET, and you may well be doing several of the things listed in the criteria anyway, so now’s the chance to claim your reward!

Remember, you can submit your entry online any time before 12:00 GMT on the 30th April 2019! Your entry can include all of your IET On Campus activities between 09:00 GMT on 30 April 2018 (opening date) and 12:00 GMT on 30th April 2019 (closing date).

If you have any queries, please contact oncampus@theiet.org.

Who has won before?

We’ve had some amazing groups win the coveted On Campus Group of the Year award in the past