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About On Campus

What is it?

IET On Campus is a community that helps like-minded students get ahead and get noticed. We support students like you to build a community as a society or student organisation within your University by providing resources and funding for extracurricular events. It’s available to everyone studying engineering and technology related courses, accessible at your university and supported by your peers. Through the joint forces of the IET and your student population, On Campus gives you the resources, connections and inspiration you need to launch yourself into your career with confidence. It’s also an opportunity to pass your enthusiasm on to others and help us to develop more people’s futures on campus.

Set up an On Campus group!

First, check that your university doesn’t already have an On Campus Group! Find your University Group.

Step 1: Form your Committee

To set up an On Campus group at your university, you must have four main committee members and you should all be student members of the IET (check to see if this is something your university already pays for!). See below for a list of roles that your committee can have:

  • Chair (mandatory)
  • Vice-Chair (mandatory)
  • Secretary (mandatory)
  • Treasurer (mandatory)
  • Social Media & Online PR Manager
  • Events Lead.

Step 2: Find a University Facilitator

In addition to your 4 committee student members (or more, if you have them!) you will need a University Facilitator. They will be responsible for acknowledging your group within the university body and aiding in the running of events, if needed, by your group. More information can be found about this role by visiting the roles and responsibilities page!

Step 3: Fill out the Application Form!

Once you have your committee and your university facilitator, you must fill out the On Campus Application Form [PDF, 240KB].

We ask that you have a plan of action for the events you will be running over the upcoming year, event ideas and inspiration can be found on our event ideas page. Feel free to come up with some innovative and fresh ideas!

Step 4: Send completed form to The IET

Once you have completed your form, please send this via email to oncampus@theiet.org to be set up as an official group on our system. You will then receive lots of information about what to do next and kick-start your On Campus Group!

Apply for funding!

As an IET On Campus group, you will be able to apply for funding for your events and activities. This can be done by completing the On Campus Funding Request Form [PDF, 231KB].

Before you submit your On Campus Funding Request Form to oncampus@theiet.org, please check you are following the guidelines from the On Campus Funding Request Process [PDF, 152KB] and Helpful Tips for Organising your event [PDF, 145KB] documents and ensure your form reflects the exact funding breakdown.

Your funding request form will then be processed by the Student Co-ordinator who will respond to you with questions and queries about your event. Please answer these in as much detail as possible.

If you still have questions, we’re more than happy to give you all the answers you need. Just email oncampus@theiet.org and we’ll get back to you.