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Recruitment tests

Ability and aptitude tests

These measure specific skill sets and the score you achieve tells the employer about your abilities and potential to learn necessary skills. They take a number of formats, depending on what they want to evaluate, such as numerical, verbal or diagrammatic. They’re usually multiple choice and administered under exam conditions. Practice online ahead of the real thing.

Psychometric and personality tests

These assess your behaviour, attitude and values according to your responses to questions or statements. They aren’t timed and the multiple choice answers relate to different aspects of your personality, such as team-working ability and leadership preferences. Answer honestly and don’t try to guess what the employer wants or you may find yourself in a job that doesn’t suit you.

Whether or not you’re offered the job isn’t solely based on these tests – they’re just one part of the process. As long as you’re prepared and follow the instructions carefully you won’t go far wrong.

(With thanks to TipTopJobs)