Submission guidelines

Article submission guidelines.


Please ensure that all articles and images are submitted in a timely manner.

The current deadline for submissions to issue 35 (Spring 2018) is 12:00 (GMT), Monday 8 January, 2018.

Please send the complete text and images to the contact below, copying in your account manager /regional development manager to that email. 


Job Function: Partner News editorial team
Email: partnernews@theiet.org

Editorial policy

We invite quality and original contributions that will interest Partner News' audience, which includes IET Partners from business, academia and armed forces.

Your account manager / regional development manager will be able to provide you with specific guidance on your article if necessary. Please ensure that they are aware of the subject matter on which you are intending and where relevant, the author should make reference to their business relationship with the IET.

Article content


Articles should include a headline and the author(s) details - name in full, job title, organisation, telephone number and email address.

The main text should be typed in clear and understandable English and limited in length to:

  • Half page - 200 - 250 words;
  • Full page - 300 - 350 words.

The following points may help you put together your article:

  • Consider your audience: what impression do you want to convey to the reader? Is there a call to action?;
  • Don’t forget the four W's: who, what, why and when;
  • Modulise your information where possible – each paragraph should focus on a specific topic;
  • Keep sentences concise and don’t write too technically.


All articles should be supplied with a minimum of two high-resolution images at 300 dpi. Captions need to be provided for each image, and the IET must be informed if the image crediting is required.

IET Policy: Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Any photography of children or vulnerable adults needs to comply with the Data Protection Act [new window] and the IET Data Protection Policy.

Written consent to take photographs of children and to subsequently use/reproduce those photographs should be obtained from the relevant parent or guardian or, in the case of school groups, the relevant school authority.

Templates for photography consent forms are available. Please contact your account manager for further details.

Additional notes

The author, where appropriate, must obtain full permission to publish the article, including permission to use any material (including images) protected by copyright.

While contributors may wish that their submission is printed as supplied, the IET reserves the right to change and amend all submissions in order to meet the editorial policy.

Although all reasonable effort will be made to include every submitted article within the given publication, should there be an excess, the editor will have the final decision on priority of inclusion.