Building energy management systems

This advanced level apprenticeship covers a wide range of skills and occupations within the building services engineering sector.

IET apprentice member Apart from our homes, almost every building we enter will be controlled by a building energy management system. The system controls the lighting, the heating, the air that we breathe and the water and waste systems that make bathrooms work.

The work of a building energy management technician

You will learn to maintain and oversee the installation, assembly, fitting, testing and decommissioning of complete building services engineering systems. As a building energy management technician you could find yourself working in many different places, from cellars to gantries and balconies to waste plants. This may include shift work and working unsociable hours.

Your work might include monitoring and adjusting the control systems to suit changing conditions and building use requirements. You may be responsible for the energy efficiency of the building you work in and be expected to make recommendations to the building owner about how to improve this.

The building services engineering sector takes its responsibility to the environment seriously so you’ll learn to work with this in mind, and health and safety is also of key importance.


The starting salary - once qualified - is between £17,000 and £21,000.

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