About IET Advantage

Reach your professional goals faster and more effectively with IET Advantage – a membership programme for the career you really want.

The IET understands how important a membership organisation is in supporting you throughout your career.  We have recognised that the time you need most assistance is at the beginning of your working life when there is so much happening and extra support and guidance can make a real difference.

To provide that guidance, we have devised a series of three membership packages which focus on your career development during the most challenging stages of your career - as you move from graduate to young professional – these form the IET Advantage programme.

Each membership package has its own focus offering tailored benefits which are pertinent at that particular stage of your career, whilst preparing you for professional registration and continuing professional development.  

Orange paper plane with shadow used in the promotion of Graduate Advantage

Graduate Advantage is all about employability - helping you finalise your academic studies and easing your transition from study to employment. Building essential knowledge, providing study tips, CV advice and introductory materials. 

Image of Alan Mountain, IET Member  
Yellow tick logo used in the promotion of IET Career Advantage

Career Advantage concentrates on developing knowledge and experience, providing you with the tools to establish yourself in your career and on the route to professional registration. It's about giving you more direction, building long term employability and forming a solid foundation for career progression.

Green arrow logo used in the promotion of IET Professional Advantage

Professional Advantage focuses on achievement,  preparing you for professional registration as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer (IEng/CEng). It's about providing guidance towards becoming a competent professional, able to contribute to your company, the engineering profession and community.

In addition, IET Advantage will further support you with the introduction of stepped membership fees to help ease the financial transition from graduation into employment and through the initial early career years.

As your career develops, so does IET Advantage – helping you maximise your potential to get the career you really want.

Through IET Advantage, the IET will continue to support our young professional membership, establishing ourselves as the professional home of choice for young engineers.