The IET Women's Network

Working together with our Academic Partners.

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Women are leaving the engineering industry for a number of reasons and those women that are studying the subject are at risk of being lost to other sectors, due to the lack of role models and mentors coming up through the ranks. Therefore; retention, support and highlighting the achievements of women are key.


The IET Women’s Network – what we do

The IET's Women's Network [new window] was established in 2011 specifically to support our women members and to encourage and retain women in engineering and technology. The Network is extremely active and runs initiatives to help raise the profile of women working in or studying engineering in order to change the perceptions of working in a male-dominated field. We also take a proactive approach to highlighting and celebrating the achievements of women.

Providing speakers to talk to your students

The IET Women’s Network can provide your university with a panel of six female role models (at various stages in their career and from a variety of engineering / technician backgrounds), who can act as speakers to your students within lectures or at events. 

Each person will talk for a few minutes, in a professional and up-beat manner to engage and inspire your students.

Members of the panel have lots of experience and knowledge to contribute and your students will get the opportunity to address them, in front of others, with the aim of building their own confidence when speaking in public.

Having our speakers attend your lectures or events will also provide your students with a valuable connection within industry and we encourage this contact to be maintained after the presentation via the IET Women’s Network [new window] or Student Zone groups [new window] on IET Engineering Communities [new window]

IET Engineering Communities groups

IET Engineering Communities [new window] is the IET’s online, professional networking and collaboration platform which enables people to connect and exchange knowledge. As the first online networking platform dedicated to engineers, Engineering Communities will enable your students to:

  • Connect globally to like-minded individuals
  • Acquire knowledge
  • Discuss, debate, ask and answer questions with peers from around the globe
  • Rate and comment on content.

Engineering Communities is a flexible tool. Your students can interact and engage to suit their own needs. They can observe, contribute or create content at different levels.

Your students can take advantage of all of these benefits and more by joining both the Women’s Network and Student Zone groups on the Engineering Communities platform.

Role models

The Women’s Network has a role models section on their Engineering Communities group. The case studies include Mechanical Engineers, Research and Development Engineers, Avionics System Engineers, Environmental Services Engineer and many more, providing a wealth of information and inspiration, aimed at women engineers in both academia and industry. Reading about how other women engineers have made a successful transition from academia to industry provides a source of inspiration and enables your students to see the achievements of their peers.


The IET Women’s Network has an active presence on Facebook [new window]. It provides a great source of news and will enable your students to get a broad sense of the topics that pertain to women engineers in academia and industry, helping them to keep on top of what’s going on.

If you have a student that has achieved something interesting we would be happy to publish this as a post, providing your students with a sense of empowerment and allowing them to inspire others.


Contact your Account Manager to discuss how your university can get more actively involved with the IET's Women's Network.