Career Manager for Students

Create the structure for career progression around building and maintaining competences: the recognised knowledge, skills and attributes needed to deliver results in a chosen field. Having a professional development plan means the IET can support students in reaching their goals faster and more effectively.

Career Manager a professional development recording and planning tool that can support students throughout their engineering career. Career Manager provides students with the opportunity to develop valuable skills in recording competence development in the appropriate language, in addition to building a master CV record.

Students can:

  • access Career Manager at any time from any internet-ready device
  • record technical and professional skills evidence developed from university projects and industrial placements
  • set development objectives, plan actions and track progress
  • familiarise themselves with industry specific frameworks
  • create and maintain a professional CV
  • present a competence record and prospective employers.

Students using Career manager will leave university read to start documenting their career development in preparation for professional registration as a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer.

If you want to support your students in focusing their learning on recognised industry standards, planning the next steps in their career and concentrating on work-readiness then ask your Account Manager about integrating Career manager within employability modules or industrial placements.