Benefits of IET accreditation

There are many benefits of academic accreditation to universities and students

Benefits to departments:

  • The IET accredits programmes across a diverse spectrum, including electrical, electronic, manufacturing, mechanical, systems and software engineering as well as specialist areas such as bioengineering, nanotechnology and renewable energy.  This means that a large number of programmes can be included in one accreditation visit.  Please note that other engineering subject areas may also be accredited by the IET please contact accreditation@theiet.org if you would like further details. 
  • Accreditation provides benchmarking against other accredited programmes by your peers and confirms your reputation as a quality provider of engineering education.
  • IET accreditation works alongside your Quality Assurance processes to ensure that your programmes are continually improving and in line with the latest guidance and good practice.
  • Accredited programmes and their host Departments are included in the published list of IET Accredited Programmes and on the Engineering Council’s Accreditation Database (ACAD).  The IET Accredited Programme logo and the Engineering Council Accreditation logo can be used on promotional material and programme documentation.
  • ADAMS, the IET’s bespoke accreditation management software, allows you to make your submission online and leads you through the accreditation process from initial advice to the accreditation decision.
  • The IET provides extensive guidance, a dedicated team and the support of IET Accreditors throughout the accreditation process.
  • The IET has joint visit protocols with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) and is a member of the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) who facilitates joint visits with multiple Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs).  Visits may also be conducted alongside Internal Periodic Reviews.
  • Accreditation can act as a catalyst for deeper and broader involvement with the IET including the Academic Partner initiative.*

Benefits to students:

  • Undertaking an IET accredited programme is part of the eligibility criteria for many IET Scholarships and Prizes, including Diamond Jubilee, Belling and BP Scholarships and IET Grants.
  • Accreditation provides evidence to prospective students of an independent and rigorous assessment by a recognised and trusted third party.
  • Accreditation supports graduate employability by ensuring programmes are responsive to industry needs.
  • Accreditation explicitly links programmes to UK-SPEC to ensure students develop the appropriate skills and knowledge-base for a career in engineering and for registration as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer.

*Academic Partner status is not automatically conferred on Departments with accredited programmes.